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Revised April 5, 2004

Friendly Dictators Crossword Puzzle
Asia, Africa, and Europe

The crossword puzzle below contains the names of some of the worst characters in modern history. What they all have in common -- besides a record of abusing their power -- is some degree of support from United States governments. Because almost half of the subjects chosen for the 1990 Friendly Dictators card set were from the Latin America and Caribbean region, a separate puzzle is available for that area.

To complete the puzzle, match the dictator to the country, using only surnames. All of the dictators mentioned here can be found on the Friendly Dictators web site.

You need Java enabled to view the crossword applet.

2. Pakistan
6. Spain
9. Taiwan
11. South Africa
14. South Korea
16. Portugal
17. Liberia
18. Ethiopia
19. Phillipines


1. Iran
3. Greece
4. Rhodesia
5. Fiji
7. Brunei
8. Germany
10. Morocco
12. Zaire
13. Indonesia
15. Turkey
17. South Vietnam


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